1st Week, September

Comparison of bestsellers in the four biggest online bookstores in Korea


September. Breezy Autumn has arrived in Korea. Welcoming the season of reading, new books from various fields have joined the bestsellers.
First of all, <A Country You’ve Never Experienced Before> with rather a dramatic sub-title “How Democracy Dooms,” is a collection of dialogues on politics and society by one moderator and two experts. Meanwhile, another bestseller <What is Studying> by professor Kim Young-Min at Seoul National University who wrote <A Reminder the Humans Are Mortal> talks about how and what to know to become a matured citizen. Meanwhile, books about tips and guides to lead children to study in the right direction are also popular. For example, <Mastery Learning Bible> written by Lim Jakga of “Life Mentor Lim Jakga,” which is a famous YouTube channel with 110K subscribers, shares how to easily help your child to voluntarily master learning.
Also, <Curiosity of the Hunhan Nammae 1> also hit the bestsellers’ list, which is a science comic written by Hunhan Nammae, famous Youtubers with 2.06 million subscribers. The Hunhan Nammae, who have been drawing popularity with their <Hunhan Nammae (I-Seum)> series, now talk about scientific knowledge from every day through humorous comics for kids. Meanwhile, an essay book by a popular character, “Pengsoo” is also hot. <I Peng-Love You: Pengsoo Postcard Book> was listed as the bestseller even during its pre-sale period. It contains highlight footage from Youtube channel <Giant Peng TV> that has seized the minds of 2.08 million fans and the newest photos shot while preparing for the book’s publication in the form of a postcard. At the back of the postcard, you can see Pengsoo’s encouraging, heart-warming, and humorous quotes for readers.
Meanwhile, <Almonds> by writer Sohn Won-Pyung was published in March 2018, but as the members of BTS were found to be reading this book in a JTBC program “In The Soop,” it was immediately added to the top list of bestsellers. Being a popular book among readers since its publication, <Almonds> won the 10th Changbi Prize for Young Adult Fiction, and ranked first in the translated novels category in Japanese bookstores. Recently, readers voted writer Sohn Won-Pyung as the “young writer that will be the future of Korean literature” on Yes24, a large online bookstore in Korea. The popularity of <Almonds> is expected to continue as its literary value has been widely recognized across the world; translated editions of the book have been published in countries including Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Spain.


* The rank of bestsellers below was organized after integrating domestic bestsellers in the first week of September from the four biggest online bookstores in Korea - Kyobo Bookstore, Aladdin, Yes 24, and Interpark.


Best sellers



A Country You’ve Never Experienced Before
Author | Kang Yang-Gu, Kwon Kyung-Ae,
Kim Kyung-Ryul, Seo Min, Jin Joong-Kwon
Publisher | Imagine 1000
Genre | Politics & Society



Author | Sohn Won-Pyung
Publisher | Changbi
Genre  | Novel



The Property of Money
Author | Kim Seung-Ho
Publisher | Snowfox Books
Genre  | Economics & Business Administration



Bienvenue au paradis
Author | Bernard Werber
Publisher | The Open Books
Genre  | Novel



Curiosity of the Hunhan Nammae 1
Author | Hunhan Nammae (Original), Ahn Chi-Hyeon
Publisher | I-Seum
Genre  | Kids Comics



How Studying Became So Fun
Author | Park Sung-Hyuk
Publisher | Dasan Books
Genre  | Essay



What is Studying?
Author | Kim Young-Min
Publisher | ACROSS
Genre  | Liberal Arts



The Cakewalk Series: Stock Market Investing (2020)
Author | Yoon Jae-Soo
Publisher | Gilbut
Genre  | Economics & Business Administration



I Peng-Love You: Pengsoo Postcard Book
Author | EBS
Publisher | EBS BOOKS
Genre  | Essay



Mastery Learning Bible
Author | Lim Jakga
Publisher | E-Dasan
Genre  | Home & Childcare



You Can Do It!
Author | John Lee
Publisher | Knomad
Genre  | Economics & Business Administration




Written by Choi Ha-Yeong


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