3rd Week, February

Comparison of best sellers in the four biggest online bookstores in Korea


If you look at the list of best sellers for the third week of February this year in major Korean online bookstores, you will be able to find books in various fields such as essay, economics and business administration, scenario, exam, and liberal arts filling the top ranks. We introduce you to some of the key books among the best sellers mixed with newly added books and those that have been maintaining their position on the list for a long time.
The thing that draws attention from the list of best sellers for the third week of February is the movies meeting the books. The scenario and storyboard book of the movie <Parasite> that drove a huge sensation around the world after winning multiple prizes including the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award hit the first rank on the integrated list of best sellers of domestic online bookstores. The book <Little Women> that has been globally loved for almost 150 years since its publication in 1863 was turned into a movie recently; its translation was modernized for further publication.
Some books have been the topic of the day by going against time. While the book <Secret of the Top 1% in Harvard> was published in 2018, it was reprinted as a re-covered edition after going viral among readers. Also, <Yang Joon-Il, MAYBE>, the second on the integrated list of best sellers, spotlights its writer Yang Joon-Il. After his meteoric rise and sudden disappearance in the 1990s, he once again stood in front of the audience under the spotlight - Yang Joon-Il fully reflected his story about music and life in his popular book <Yang Joon-Il, MAYBE>.


* The rank of bestsellers below was organized after integrating domestic best sellers in the third week of February from the four biggest online bookstores in Korea - Kyobo Bookstore, Aladdin, Yes 24, and Interpark.


best sellers


Parasite Scenario & Storyboard Book Set
Author | Bong Joon-Ho
Publisher | Plain
Genre | Scenario


Yang Joon-Il, MAYBE
Author | Yang Joon-Il
Publisher | Mobidic Books
Genre | Essay


Author | Park Hong-Gi
Publisher | G-World
Genre | Economics & Business Administration


Secret of the top 1% in Harvard (Re-Covered Edition)
Author | Chung Ju-Yung
Publisher | The Korea Economic Daily
Genre | Self-development


Little Women
Author | Louisa May Alcott
Publisher | RH Korea
Genre | Novel


Broad and Shallow Knowledge for
Intellectual Conversation: Zero

Author | Chae Sa-Jang
Publisher | Whalebook
Genre | Liberal Arts


Green Apple Paradise Season 1 : Set (1-3)
Author | Chungnakwon
Publisher | Wisdom House
Genre | Comics


The Intellectual Devotional
Author | David S. Kidder, Noah D. Oppenheim
Publisher | Wisdom House
Genre | Liberal Arts


When I Don’t Even Know What I Want
Author | Jeon Seung-Hwan
Publisher | Dasan Books
Genre | Liberal Arts


Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal 2020
(2020 Rose Gold Limited Edition)

Author | Potter Style
Publisher | Tornado
Genre | Self-development


2020 Sunjae Korean Language Compass Mock Test Vol. 1
Author | Lee Sun-Jae
Publisher | ST Unitas
Genre | Exam




Written by Choi Ha-Yeong



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