Fly High: Independent Bookstores near the Gimpo International Airport

A crossroads of books linked by texts and culture


Gimpo International Airport


Gimpo International Airport is a gateway to Korea where many travelers leave and arrive. The airport has recently been surrounded by various shopping sites and cafes with unique moods where people stop by excited to travel. Visit the place before and after your trip, or whenever you feel like having a break, and enjoy the time to the fullest solely by yourself. An observatory is located in Gimpo Airport in which you can see the wide and long runway in one view; Seoul Botanic Park is open to visitors with greenhouses where you can enjoy the gardens of 12 cities in the world, wetland, lake garden, and various themed gardens including Windy Garden and Meditative Garden. Apart from these, Seoseoul Lake Park, an eco-friendly park with the theme of “water” and “regeneration”, Ujangsan Mountain, and Yangcheon Hyanggyo (the Confucian temple and school for students in the Joseon Dynasty) can be good places for your tour.
What’s more, independent bookstores around Gimpo Airport will be able to diversify your experience where you can indulge in reading books and share various cultures as they warmly touch upon your delicate sensitivity. Now, let’s dive into “Dawn Sense Il-zip (Saebyeok Gamsung Il-jip; Sentiment of the Dawn, the First Album)” and “Dasi Bookstore” - independent bookstores with the full reflection of unique colors of the bookkeepers. There, you can communicate with people, books, and culture in the journey towards finding yourself.



Dasi Bookstore


A  B1F, 113, Yangcheon-ro 24-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul
H  13:00-19:00 on weekdays
T  82-70-4283-4869


In and outside of Dasi Bookstore

In and outside of Dasi Bookstore


<Unseen Eternity>, <Sentence Not Passed>, <stroll>

<Unseen Eternity>, <Sentence Not Passed>, <stroll>


Dasi Bookstore where you can meet various independent publications unavailable in big bookstores is a place for relatively unknown independent books to build awareness. It is a neighborhood bookstore that focuses on its given role of seeking a way to coexist with the region. Bookkeeper Kim Kyung-Hyun has published multiple independent publications including <Unseen Eternity>, <Sentence Not Passed>, and <Stroll>. He is planning to publish magazine-type books to create new cultural contents with Dasi Bookstore leading the way. The bookstore published booklets that introduce people and tourist sites with the topic of Jeungpyeong-gun, the smallest local government in Korea last year; and it is set to consecutively carry on the work with the same theme about Gangneung, Daegu, and Fukuoka. The bookkeeper hopes to provide help to foreigners visiting Korea to gain abundant tourist information by steadily publishing booklets with stories about the city written from the writer’s perspective. It is Dasi Bookstore - a place that creates a new culture by committing to its given duty.



Dawn Sense Il-zip


A  101, 16-8, Woljeong-ro 50-gil, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul
H  12:00-21:00 on weekdays, intermittently closed. Shortened open hours in case of an event. Closed on Wednesdays
T  82-10-2923-90655


In and outside of Dawn Sense Il-zip

In and outside of Dawn Sense Il-zip


Books sold in Dawn Sense Il-zip

Books sold in Dawn Sense Il-zip


Dawn Sense Il-zip, run by writer Kim Ji-Sun who wrote various travel books including <Enjoy Europe (Nexus Books)>, <Enjoy Paris (Nexus Books)>, and <Do you need the Camino de Santiago, too? (Dawn Sense Books)>, is an independent bookstore and a cafe located in a quiet neighborhood of Hwagok-dong. As it is managed by a travel writer, diverse books and independent publications related to traveling can be found, and those about cats are commonly seen as well. It is a charming point of Dawn Sense Il-zip that you can be absorbed into reading books and writing your own story while leisurely having a cup of coffee as the bookstore part (first floor) and the cafe part (attic) are separated. Dawn Sense Il-zip, which reflects the wish of writer Kim Ji-Sun for it to be a place for anyone to stop by, read books, write his or her own story, and ultimately publish a book, is also operating various programs such as readings, book talks, meetings with the author, and writing clubs. Playing diverse roles just like a cultural development center in a quiet neighborhood, Dawn Sense Il-zip is a hot place for those that are interested in writing and love books.


A Small Interview with travel writer Kim Ji-Sun, the bookkeeper


travel writer Kim Ji-Sun, the bookkeeper


Q. What kind of a place is Dawn Sense Il-zip?
A. It is a place of books, coffee, beer, wine, relaxation, and a teddy bear. Writers of tomorrow come, and people that wish to make a book dream here. Also, it is where the writers sell dreams, and book lovers come and stay.

Q. Can you tell us about the recently published book, <Do you need the Camino de Santiago, too?>
A. It is my first essay filled with my stories. I put in what I felt while traveling the Camino de Santiago. And I also did not forget to add stories for those that might be curious about the route.

Q. You have traveled to so many places. Would there be a particular place that you would like to recommend?
A. I personally like Jeju Island, Gunsan, and Jeonju. Jeju Island is so fascinating that not only it gives you the feeling of a real trip as you take the airplane, but also you can drive around enjoying both the mountain and the sea. Meanwhile, I think Gunsan and Jeonju are good tourist sites as well, as their closeness allows you to go there anytime you want. It is also good to take a look at old buildings while traveling around enjoying delicious food.

Q. What is your plan for Dawn Sense Il-zip?
A. I believe that an independent bookstore is a place where people get to embrace cultural life. It is where people come freely and have a rest with books. I hope Dawn Sense Il-zip to be a place for which people, not only writers, can compile a book with their own story. I truly hope that people can complete their own sensitivity through books and pursue psychological stability, self-assurance, and self-satisfaction by writing stories.



Written by KIM Young-Ihm



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