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Writer Heungeul

Interview > Korean Authors

There is a writer that utilizes Social Media as a medium to empathize with followers. His writings are composed of delicate words, and are not lengthy with a spectacular storyline. They are just consoling and empathizing short sentences that warm the souls of people. Let’s take a deeper look at Heungeul, a sentimental writer on Social Media, blowing a new wind of poems with 300 thousand followers. It is an honor to have you here. Could you please introduce yourself to all our subscribers? Hi, hello. Nice to meet you. I am Heungeul (Cho Seong-Yong) never stops writing even in this mom..

  • 2020.06.01
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2019 Korean Novels that fascinated foreign readers

Trend > Export Case

What Korean novels were a hot topic in the overseas publication market last year? Here we introduce the Korean novels that lit up the overseas publication market in 2019, from steady sellers beloved by foreign readers to works of newly emerging writers. , "> <I’m Waiting For You>, <The Prophet of Mundanity> Three English-translated novels of writer Kim Bo-Young, one of the representative SF writers in Korea were sold to Harper Collins Publishers last June, the biggest publication group in the US. The three books were: <I’m Waiting For You (Miracle Books)>, a story about t..

  • 2020.02.03
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Creating a window into the future with books

Interview > Korean Publishers

There is a publisher that makes issue-driving books every October. It is Miraebook, with its series “Trend Korea” that predicts the next year trend in Korea based on the analysis of trends in the published year. Let’s take a look at Miraebook that plays a role as the window into the future, just as its name implies, and its publications. Please introduce Miraebook to the webzine readers. Established in 2000, Miraebook has been publishing books in various fields such as liberal arts, history, self-development, and essay, with its flagship books in economics and business admi..

  • 2020.02.03
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Writer of the Year Award

Trend > Special Project

If overseas publishers have one yardstick that they choose to adopt when they encounter Korean authors and works, it is whether the work received a literary award in Korea. Winning a literary award in Korea does not guarantee success in the international market, but it can be a reference that the work’s value and popularity among readers are recognized. Therefore, whether a work has won a literary award in Korea has become a criterion for overseas publication companies for assessment. There are many literary awards in Korea. Each of the awards has different characteristics and standar..

  • 2020.02.03
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South Korean bestsellers in October

Information > Best Sellers

In the third week of October, essay collections that can help make the chillier weather feel a bit warmer found themselves on bestseller lists at Aladin and YES24. Recently in South Korea, essay collections have seen sustained popularity as readers seek them out for comfort in their busy and tiring lives. <From a Lone Person to a Lone Person> by Lee Byung-ryul and Geulbaewoo's <Either Tired or Nothing You Like> both made it to bestseller lists with their empathy-filled sentences and words of support for readers. Meanwhile, as the end of the year nears, readers have been paying attention t..

  • 2019.11.04
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Illustrator Kim Hwan-Young

Interview > Korean Authors

Illustrator Kim Hwan-Young has captured readers' hearts with his beautiful work in children's tales like <Paper Rice (naznsan)>, <The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly (Sakyejul)> and <The Children Who Swallowed the Sun (Changbi)>, as well as picture books including <The Butterfly Catching Father (Gilbut Children)>, <Corn (Sakyejul)> and <Bbaeddaegi (Changbi)>. His illustrations are known for their powerful brush strokes that can seem crude and rough at times, while his India-ink painting style conveys Korean emotions. Kim often opens up his atelier to readers, which is nestled inside a small co..

  • 2019.07.08
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Author Jeon Min-hee

Interview > Korean Authors

Author Jeon Min-hee is a fantasy novel writer who started her career with the serial novel <The Stone of Days> in the late 1990s on Nownuri, a now-defunct internet platform in South Korea. Since then she has penned novels like the <Children of the Rune> series, the <Archeage Chronicles> series, <The Stone of Days (Jeu Media)> and <Tower of the Sun (Jeu Media)>. Among these, <Children of the Rune> and <Archeage Chronicles> have been adapted into PC games called <Talesweaver> and <Archeage>. The original <Children of the Rune> is divided into two main parts, with the first book (Part One. Winte..

  • 2019.06.10
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Agencies talk actual copyright export cases


It is a well known fact South Korea's copyrights are being exported actively throughout the globe. However, it is difficult to know in detail what books are being sold into which countries and how. This is because the information is directly connected to the business operations of agencies that are involved in intermediating export deals. It is also because so many books are being exported to other countries simultaneously. In our January webzine, we will look at what kinds of content have been exported so far including literature, children's books, practical books, series, comics, webtoons a..

  • 2017.12.22
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East-Asia Publishing

Interview > Korean Publishers

Cultural sciences, social sciences and natural sciences are all, when taken from a broad point of view, part of liberal arts. East-Asia Publishing Co. is a South Korean publisher that focuses on turning these fields of science into culture. Rather than just acting as a publishing archive, East-Asia Publishing says it is constantly working to set the agenda and create trends for the publishing industry by finding common ground with the public. The following article details the goals and plans for East-Asia Publishing where communication with readers is of utmost importance. <img src="/d..

  • 2019.09.09
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South Korea's Fixed Book Price Policy

Knowledge > Publishing Policy Ⅱ

Fixed book price policies are rules that set consumer prices for books at levels the publishers select. Countries where these policies exist, sell books at the same price anywhere you go. Instead of competition through prices at the commercial sale level, price competition takes place at the production stage between publishers, boosting the diversity of distribution channels and convenience of readers. The global publishing market is divided into countries that have fixed book prices and those that do not. English speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Aus..

  • 2019.08.05
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Published in more than 40 countries, an unprecedented achievement in Korean literature

Trend > Export Case

Shin Kyung-sook's <Please Look After Mom> was a novel that affirmed the fact Korean literature had the ability to penetrate overseas markets. The novel was a signal flare that marked in earnest the beginning of Korean book exports to the world. Today, non-Korean editors ask Shin for book recommendation comments and the following is the story of the author who has captured the hearts of the international publishing market. Author Shin Kyung-sook We're elated to introduce you to our webzine readers. Please introduce yourself to our <K-Book Trends> readers. Hello, I'm..

  • 2019.11.04
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Author Kang Gyeong-su

Interview > Korean Authors

The book <The Stories Shouldn't Be True (Sigong Junior)> was awarded a Ragazzi Award for non-fiction at the 2011 Bologna Children's Book Fair. This book, like its title, calmly tells the horrific story of some children's situations that seem like lies but are happening in reality. Explaining the motive behind the book, the author said he was incredibly shocked one day while watching a documentary to find children in terrible situations in other parts of the world that was beyond his imagination. <K-Book Trends> met with author Kang Gyeong-su who was compelled to tell their stories in a book. ..

  • 2019.11.04
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Book Ecosystem Vision Forum - the 3rd


The third part of the <Book ecosystem vision forum> called ‘The Birth of An Author’ was hosted at a hall inside the JU center, a cultural space for young South Koreans on May 31. “What do publishers need to do in order for authors to feel the actions of publishers are a form of ‘beautiful interference’? This is a place where we will discuss how to increase the number of local writers,” said Jeong Eun-sook, head of the forum’s executive committee. This section of the webzine aims to summarize what was discussed at the forum regarding the birth of new authors while introducing what lies ahead fo..

  • 2018.06.28
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Interview with author Jung-hyuk Kim


It is not an easy feat melding sharp and piercing insight and bright humor into one piece of literature. Novelist Jung-hyuk Kim, the interviewee of this month's issue, debuted in 2000 with 『Penguin News』 and since, he has been publishing novels and essay collections to consistently show his work. He also does work related to cinema while giving lectures and working as a podcast DJ. In South Korea, Kim has a wide group of fans thanks to his witty dialog and he is known for being an all-round novelist with knowledge in a variety of areas. The 'star writer' is only bound for more success and this..

  • 2017.12.22
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"SangSang Publications"


SangSang is a publisher in South Korea that resembles a friend on a journey. Whether you're planning a busy trip to a far place, or a short journey to a close by destination, SangSang provides books that can accompany all kinds of travelers that are fun and chock full of information. The company is now nine years old and one of South Korea's travel-specific publishers. Their books provide information on traveling both inside South Korea and abroad and offer a plethora of themes everyone who is itching to travel can enjoy. The publisher has broadened its boundaries to include books on cooking..

  • 2017.12.01
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Interview with Mi-kyoung Song


There is one South Korean author of fairy tales who has created her own forte with experimental and uncommon imagination along with her fantasy-infused stories. Mi-kyoung Song debuted as a fairy tale author in 2008 in South Korea and has since received numerous awards since. She is known for writing for children and teens that enjoy her fairy tales and novels. Of her books 『Some Kid Lived Here』 was named as one of this year's final contestants for the In Other Words program by BookTrust, an influential reading group in the U.K. The book had been selected with another seven books after compe..

  • 2017.12.01
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Export Prospects of Korean Books


<Art and Gravitational Acceleration> 1. Publication Details Imprint | Bookhouse Publishers Title | Art and Gravitational Acceleration Author | Myounghoon Bae Format | 140*210 Binding | Paperback Pages | 324pages ISBN | 978-89-56057-85-9 2. Contact Name | Areum Han Phone | +82-2-3144-2703 Email | URL | 3. Marketing Information Circulation, Sales Rank | 4,000 copies Subject | The future and the value of communication Primary Readers | Fans of science fiction who have been waiting for another author like Arth..

  • 2017.12.01
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Interview with author Soon-won Lee


Works by novelist Soon-won Lee are pure, traditional and nature-centric. He has lived some 30 years as a novelist and his writing at times has been published in textbooks or produced into short television films. His works, known for their deep Korean narratives, are now garnering attention overseas. There is a saying that the most traditional things are usually the most global, which would explain why his pure, Korean writing has been gaining interest outside of the country. We spoke to the novelist on his recently exported <the whale who returned to the sea>, where he gets his inspiration fro..

  • 2017.11.01
  • 49

Where Korean readers meet books (3)


Bookstores and libraries globally have been attempting to transform themselves. These locations are no longer places for people to just read or buy books, but spaces where visitors can enjoy culture, various events and take some time to stretch their legs. Reading books is often compared to traveling different worlds and this month's webzine looks at three special libraries that all strive to become cultural spaces with unique themes. 1. Science and books come together at KAOS Bookpark Jen Campbell, author of <Bookshop Story> says early on in her book, "Bookstores are time ma..

  • 2017.11.01
  • 57

Characteristics of South Korean Web Novel Platforms and Ventures Overseas


There is a Korean phrase that goes: pearls are only good when they have been strung together. It means even if you have good resources, they will be of little good if you don't use them properly. South Korean genre literature used to be like this. There were many talented authors who could write genre literature and fans who wished to read it, even if their numbers fell short of other countries where genre literature developed far sooner than South Korea like Japan, the United States and places in Europe. However, there was not a platform for them to converge together. There were many reasons..

  • 2017.09.11
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Leading the Popularization of Art “Art Books”


"Art is public property," says the leader of Art Books, Min-young Jeong. Art is something anyone can enjoy, not just people for whom art is their livelihood. Art Books shines in the world of art as its specialty is emotionally explaining the most specialized forms of art. Since its establishment in 2001, Art Books is leading the popularization of art by publishing books the public can see, read, feel and experience. The following is a Q&amp;A with Jeong, the president of Art Books. Could you offer us an introduction of Art Books to those in the publi..

  • 2017.09.11
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South Korean Bestsellers in July

Information > Best Sellers

Itching to know what books sold the most in South Korea in July? Below is a comparison of the top 10 bestselling books at South Korea's biggest online bookstores Kyobo Book Centre and Interpark as of the third week of July. With the exception of some small differences, the two bookstores saw the same books take up spots from 1 to 6. However, for the rest of the bestsellers, Kyobo saw liberal arts books and novels take up the remainder of its list while Interpark's list included self-help books and books for children. Kim Young-ha's <Why Travel>, which topped the bestseller lists at both ve..

  • 2019.08.05
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Author Jo Jung-rae

Interview > Korean Authors

Jo Jung-rae is an author known for his piercing novels that shrewdly punch through contemporary Korean history. He has become one of South Korea's most revered novelists by telling the painful history of the country including Korea's colonial rule by Japan, the Korean War and military dictatorship through three novel series: <Taebaek Mountain Range>, <Arirang> and <Han River>. Jo's literary work has been acknowledged through countless accolades, including the Hyundae Munhak Award, the Korean Literature Award, Manhae Daesang, Danjae Literature Award and Noshin Literature Award. His novels have..

  • 2019.10.07
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