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2nd Week, July

Information > Best Sellers

There is one book that ranked first among bestsellers of the four major online bookstores in Korea in the second week of July 2020. It is <Reboot>, written by a famous instructor Kim Mi-Kyung who is currently running a Youtube channel “Kim Mi-Kyung TV” with 1.1 million subscribers. With the subtitle “How to stand up and reboot again against COVID-19,” the book provides bountiful insight on the life, work, and growth of individuals in the post-COVID-19 era. Even though it has only been a short time since its publication, readers are already sending much love and support through comments, makin..

  • 2020.08.03
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3rd Week, June

Information > Best Sellers

June is the perfect season to read books in a warm breezy room. Scorching hot summer seems to have arrived in Korea. What did Korean readers read in the third week of June? There is a book that hit the upper sales rank among bestsellers in June only within a month of its publication. It is the newly announced <Take It Easy, Don’t Try Too Hard> written by Kim Soo-Hyun, the writer of <I Decided to Live as Me (Woods of Mind’s Books)>. Telling its readers how to engage in relationships that do not overwhelm one’s emotional capacity, the book has drawn support from the young generation in a shor..

  • 2020.07.13
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3rd Week, May

Information > Best Sellers

If we look at the bestsellers of four major online bookstores in Korea for the third week of May, books written by Youtubers will catch our attention. <New Yorker This Month> that hit the top list the day after its publication is about the episodes which Hong Se-Rim - a Youtuber with 600K subscribers (channel name: Serim’s Life) - experienced when she was living in New York for a month. Also, <COVID-19: Investment War> written by three Youtubers of an economy channel “the Three Professionals TV” talks about their opinion on the changing economic landscape after the outbreak of COVID-19. Thi..

  • 2020.06.01
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E-book Platforms and the Meaning of “Original Content”

Trend > Topic Ⅰ

According to the 2019 National Reading Survey, 52.1% of Korean adults were reading paper books. Adding e-books and audiobooks only pulled up the rate to 55.7%. The rate is falling with every survey. The reason for the fall in adults’ reading rate is a change of pattern in consuming content. People that enjoy other content than books reached 29.1%. Smartphones killed books. Yet, there are still readers. More and more readers are reading books with their mobile devices. Major online bookstores such as Yes 24, Kyobo Bookstore, and Aladdin have more than 10 million members each. Even e-boo..

  • 2020.05.04
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2nd Week, April

Information > Best Sellers

In the second week of April 2020, Korea welcomed another year of warm spring, but social distancing was ongoing due to COVID-19. People refrain from going out and are staying longer at home; amidst such situation, the number ten integrated best seller <Lower-body Balance Stretching> catches our eyes. Published in March last year, this book introduces simple stretching movements that readers can easily follow indoors. It seems that Korean readers are reading books related to health and exercise tips that they can follow at home, as outdoor activities and workouts are limited. Along with this ..

  • 2020.05.04
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2nd Week, March

Information > Best Sellers

Due to the globally threatening virus COVID-19, Korea is campaigning for “Social Distancing.” Kindergartens and schools are postponing the new semester, and office workers are refraining from going outside, working at home, having a time-out moment from their busy lives. What books are Korean readers reading while overcoming the tough situation today? The top best seller for the 2nd week of March in the four major bookstores in Korea was <The Plague>, a famous novel written by a French author Albert Camus. This book became a hot issue again after having been introduced in a TV program “Boo..

  • 2020.04.06
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3rd Week, February

Information > Best Sellers

If you look at the list of best sellers for the third week of February this year in major Korean online bookstores, you will be able to find books in various fields such as essay, economics and business administration, scenario, exam, and liberal arts filling the top ranks. We introduce you to some of the key books among the best sellers mixed with newly added books and those that have been maintaining their position on the list for a long time. The thing that draws attention from the list of best sellers for the third week of February is the movies meeting the books. The scenario and sto..

  • 2020.03.02
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3rd Week, January 2020

Information > Best Sellers

What were the best selling books in the first month of 2020? The top 10 best sellers in the four online bookstores are as follows: “The Intellectual Devotional” and “Broad and Shallow Knowledge for Intellectual Conversation: Zero” in liberal arts, “Eight” in self-development, “Find Your Own Happiness” in essay, and “Trend Korea 2020” in economics and business administration, which reflect the minds of readers that are preparing for a meaningful new year. Entering winter vacation, books for children readers such as “Hunhan Nammae 3”, “Seol Min-Seok’s World History Adventure 4”, and “Butt De..

  • 2020.02.03
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2020 Publication Trends in Korea

Trend > Topic

Korea has fully entered a low-fertility and aging society. The number of students is rapidly decreasing, and for domestic colleges, some of the majors have been taken off the curriculum or were integrated due to a lack of applicants for 2020. This trend gives birth to new keywords for the generation such as “Millennial Generation”, “Active Senior Generation” or “Senior Generation” in our society, while on the social sensitivity side, keywords from other perspectives that were not highlighted in the society such as feminism, fairness, fragmentation, double-sidedness, and growth are em..

  • 2020.02.03
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South Korean bestsellers in August

Information > Best Sellers

As of the third week of August 2019, readers' interest in bilateral relations between South Korea and Japan peaked, largely attributed to a diplomatic rift between the two countries. As a result, <Anti-Japan Tribalism> rose to become the best-selling book at YES24 and second best-selling book at Aladin last month. Essay collection <Why Travel> ticked down to third and fourth place in the bestseller lists respectively, but it showed sustained popularity. Other genres that made the bestseller lists last month included novels, essay collections, comic books for children and exam preparation bo..

  • 2019.09.09
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South Korea's May Bestsellers

Information > Best Sellers

A look at the bestseller lists at South Korea's biggest bookstore chains for the third week of May this year shows two Korean authors keeping a strong grip at the top. According to Kyobo Book Centre, YES24 and Aladin, Kim Young-ha's <Why Travel (Munhakdongne)> and Hong Chun-wook's <The History of Money Through 50 Incidents (Rok Media)> took the top spots, showing their popularity is still going strong. Meanwhile, Cho Hyun-ah's <Yeon's Letters (Sonbom Books)> surged quickly in the charts even before its official release scheduled for May 27, thanks to pre-orders for the book version of the o..

  • 2019.06.10
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