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Current status of each field in the Korean publishing market

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One of the most active publishing areas in almost any country is children’s books. Many of the children’s books in Korea (for preschoolers and elementary schoolers) have long been focused on education, learning, or cognitive development for its expected roles. However, they are undergoing evolution today as a tool for delivering necessary knowledge and wisdom for kids to actively cope with the world while nurturing their boundless imagination with entertaining elements. Meanwhile, the publishing market for teenagers, which is relatively smaller than children’s books in terms of title..

  • 2021.01.04
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Current status of each field in the Korean publishing market

Knowledge > Publishing Industry

There is a wide variety of practical books that provide tips for diverse fields necessary in our daily life. So, this part divides the section into two: practical books for making homes and living a good social life. The former type mainly includes areas important at home such as raising children, cooking, keeping fit, and hobbies, while the latter type includes language books and traveling guides that are needed in living a social life. Books that feature tips for maintaining a good social relationship and those for expanding financial property can belong to the latter part as economic..

  • 2020.08.03
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Domestic Exhibition of Korean books for children & teenagers for the 2020 Moscow International Book Fair

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The coronavirus has changed so much of our daily life. We can no longer move around without a mask, and social distancing has become a must. Many offline exhibitions got canceled or were switched to online. The 33rd Moscow International Book Fair is being held as an “un-tact (contactless) book fair” on an online platform this year. Korea, as the guest country of honor, has organized a relevant exhibition and created a curating video to be used as an online platform for the Moscow International Book Fair set to be held from September 2nd to 6th. The domestic exhibition of Korean books for child..

  • 2020.09.07
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Three Generations of Railworkers

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<Three Generations of Railworkers> A gripping story penetrating the 100-year-history of Korea’s modern history Tells the three-generation-crossing story of a labor activist and his ancestors who had been working as railwaymen during turbulent times in the past The three trainman generations First generation: Lee Baek-Man (worked at a train manufacturing factory) Second generation: Lee Il-Cheol (worked as an engineer during the Japanese occupation of Korea, who then moved to North Korea after the liberalization) Third generation: Lee Ji-San (worked as an engineer in North Ko..

  • 2020.07.13
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Why K-Books are drawing attention from across the world

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Amidst the time when countries are closing gates due to the spread of COVID-19, Korean literature is taking a step closer to overseas readers while drawing attention from the US, Britain, Germany, and Japan. The global interest in Hallyu (Korean Wave) and the Korean culture that once again swept the world with the movie “Parasite” from director Bong Joon-Ho early this year is said to have spread to literature with the outbreak of the pandemic. Corresponding to the phenomenon, diverse genres of Korean literature, including poems, novels, and children’s stories, are winning globally pro..

  • 2020.06.01
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#Science and Humanities

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<Chemist in My House> 1. Publication Details Title | Chemist in My House Subtitle | Professor Kim Min-Kyung’s Story of Chemistry in our Lives Author | Kim MInkyoung Publisher | Humanist Publishing Group Inc. Publication Date | 2019-03-08 ISBN | 9791160802160 No. of pages | 248 Dimensions | 150*220 2. Copyright Contact Name | Kim Ju-Won Email | Phone | +82-70-7842-9401 3. Book Intro If you understand chemistry (theory), you can see chemistry (risk)! Professor/walking chemistry encyclopedia Kim Min-Kyung’s story of chemistry Issu..

  • 2020.06.01
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Korea’s Diverse Children’s Literature Awards

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As children are referred to as the “future” of a generation, the emotional experience children get from books is very important. The Caldecott Medal, Newbery Medal, and Hans Christian Andersen Award are the most famous children’s literary awards in the world, but there are also ones given to excellent children’s literature in Korea as well. In particular, as Children’s Day is in May, the winners of many children’s literary awards are announced this month. While there are various children’s literary awards ranging from those named after famous literary people in history to those held ..

  • 2020.05.04
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The Creative World of Baek Heena

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Picture book author Baek Heena (49) has been named the 2020 laureate of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA), the world’s most renowned prize for children’s literature. In doing so, she is the first Korean writer to win the award. The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award was founded by the Swedish government to honor the late Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren (1907–2002), the author of the best-selling 《Pippi Longstocking series》 which has been translated into over 100 languages and beloved by readers of all ages. Past laureates of the award include Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are), ..

  • 2020.05.04
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Export Prospects of Korean Books

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<Priest> 1. Publication Details Imprint | Daewon C.I. Inc. Title | Priest Author | Hyeong Min-wu Genre | Special Genre Literature Format | 148×210 Binding | Paperback Pages | 360pages ISBN | 9788925276991; 9788925277004; 9788952864871; 9788925279831; 9788925279848 2. Contact Name | Lee Hanbyeol Phone | +82-2071-2160 Email | <a href=" "> URL | <a href=" " target="_blank"> 3. Marketing Information Keyword | Comic Book; Special Genre Literature: SF; Fantasy: Act..

  • 2020.03.02
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Export Prospects of Korean Books

Information > Book Summary

<Prince in Useless Land> 1. Publication Details Imprint | GOBOOKY BOOKS Co. Ltd. Title | Prince in Useless Land Author | Kim Min Jeong Illustrator | Lee Gap Gyu Genre | Fairy tale Format | 185×240 Binding | Paperback Pages | 132pages ISBN | 9788966072026 2. Contact Name | Oh Wonyoung Phone | +82-10-4050-2662 Email | URL | 3. Marketing Information Keyword | Children's story; teaching; education Target Readership | Children ages 9 to 12 4. About the Author and Illustrator Author - Kim Min Jeong Kim..

  • 2019.11.04
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The 2017 Global Korean Literature Translation Award


For Korean literature exports In terms of the number of speakers, Korean is the 12th most spoken language in the world. After 100 years in the making, South Korea's modern literature has many treasures. When considering the quantity or quality of South Korea's literary works published every year, it is only fitting they receive the interest of the world. It is very important for a country's survival or prosperity that it become a loved country by the world, a respected country. This, however, cannot be obtained through economic power alone. The power of culture and arts must back the ..

  • 2017.12.01
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South Korean Books at International Book Fairs in 2019

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This September in the city of Gothenburg, the second biggest city in Sweden, the words 'book' and 'Korea' caught the attention of many passersby from the airport to the central parts of the city like big shopping malls. This was because South Korea was the guest of honor at the Gothenburg Book Fair from Sept. 26 to 29. Operating Korean Pavilions at overseas international book fairs is becoming an increasingly important way to spread the word on South Korea's books, publishing industry, authors and even culture and also to create a foundation for exchanges. As such, the interest and particip..

  • 2019.11.04
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South Korea's Translated Literature Awards, Where Are They Now?


South Korean works of literature are making themselves known here and there outside the country. At this time, it's easy for the importance of translation to be overlooked. The same work of art can shine more brilliantly or suffer through different translators. It is not an easy task to carry the same message in Korean books while conveying the respective emotions or characteristics of the language the work is being translated into. And so, there are increasingly more awards to boost the number of excellent translators and translated books in South Korea. The following describes the status o..

  • 2017.11.01
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South Korea's November Bestsellers


The Nobel Prize in Literature 2017 The first week of October is always called the season of the Nobel prize. Every year around this time, the Nobel prize committee convenes in Sweden to announce the winners in six different categories. This year on Oct. 5, the 117th Nobel Prize in Literature was given to Kazuo Ishiguro. According to Interpark Books, Ishiguro's <The Remains of the Day>, one of his most famous novels, reached the top of their bestseller list the next day as soon as readers heard of the Nobel Prize news. Sales of the author's books in general soared in the days following the ..

  • 2017.11.01
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Suzy Lee, a Picture Book Author who is popular abroad


The most noteworthy area in the Korean booth at overseas book fairs is picture books. The international language of pictures, which have no language barriers, captures the attention of overseas publishers. The Korean picture book market has grown explosively since the 1990s; thus, competent illustrators becomes picture book authors. Hee-Na Baek, author of the domestic bestseller Cloud Bread, is a popular artist in overseas markets. Her unique style of taking photos of three-dimensional objects for backgrounds or physical dolls for characters in picture books stimulates the imaginations of ..

  • 2017.06.30
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