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Current status of each field in the Korean publishing market

Knowledge > Publishing Industry

There is a wide variety of practical books that provide tips for diverse fields necessary in our daily life. So, this part divides the section into two: practical books for making homes and living a good social life. The former type mainly includes areas important at home such as raising children, cooking, keeping fit, and hobbies, while the latter type includes language books and traveling guides that are needed in living a social life. Books that feature tips for maintaining a good social relationship and those for expanding financial property can belong to the latter part as economic..

  • 2020.08.03
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Current status of each field in the Korean publishing market

Knowledge > Publishing Industry

The 1980s were the golden age for social science publications in the Korean publishing industry. Under the ruling of the new military dictatorship, it was social science books and their readers that took the lead in the overall social transformation through intense democratic and labor movements. The books were the texts of social movement and transformation. Bookstores specialized in social science books, though most of them cannot be found today, thrived next to colleges across the nation. With the “announcement of democratization” in 1987, Seoul Olympics in 1988, and the establishm..

  • 2020.05.04
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Books and Book Clubs

Trend > Topic

Book clubs are where book lovers naturally gather to read books together and share ideas. As more people share each other’s preferences and hobbies, the number of book clubs is also increasing today. Book clubs in Korea receive applications for both free and paid memberships, and members usually read selected books for a certain period and have regular on and offline meetings. The hosts of book clubs vary from big bookstores and independent bookstores to regional bookstores, publishers, libraries, and individuals. Below are the stories of three representative book clubs in Korea: Book ..

  • 2020.04.06
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Current status of each field in the Korean publishing market

Knowledge > Publishing Industry

The publication industry is “a mirror called record” that reflects the society. The publication of history-related books that are the archive of time and space connecting the past and the present is a clear indicator that shows Korean society’s interest in history. By looking at the published titles, best seller trends, and newly emerging trends, you can see where the current publishing market is and where the intellectual desire of readers is heading to. Historically, Korea has undergone long turbulent generations due to its geopolitical location in East Asia and invasions by surround..

  • 2020.03.02
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2020 Publication Trends in Korea

Trend > Topic

Korea has fully entered a low-fertility and aging society. The number of students is rapidly decreasing, and for domestic colleges, some of the majors have been taken off the curriculum or were integrated due to a lack of applicants for 2020. This trend gives birth to new keywords for the generation such as “Millennial Generation”, “Active Senior Generation” or “Senior Generation” in our society, while on the social sensitivity side, keywords from other perspectives that were not highlighted in the society such as feminism, fairness, fragmentation, double-sidedness, and growth are em..

  • 2020.02.03
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South Korean bestsellers in October

Information > Best Sellers

In the third week of October, essay collections that can help make the chillier weather feel a bit warmer found themselves on bestseller lists at Aladin and YES24. Recently in South Korea, essay collections have seen sustained popularity as readers seek them out for comfort in their busy and tiring lives. <From a Lone Person to a Lone Person> by Lee Byung-ryul and Geulbaewoo's <Either Tired or Nothing You Like> both made it to bestseller lists with their empathy-filled sentences and words of support for readers. Meanwhile, as the end of the year nears, readers have been paying attention t..

  • 2019.11.04
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Essays that touch the heart

Trend > Special Project

Emotional essays that touch and 'heal' readers have seen no end to their popularity over the past several years. Works of writing that spell out everyday experiences and emotions in simple sentences as well as essays that provide comfort via narrators that are well-known animation characters have found immense demand from young readers in South Korea. 2018, in particular, was truly a year for these emotionally touching essays. <Pooh Bear, Happiness Happens Every Day>, <Every Moment Was You>, <Temperature of Language> According to 2018 bestseller data from online bookstore ..

  • 2019.07.08
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South Korea's publishing market and distribution structure

Knowledge > Publishing Policy

South Korea's publishing market can be divided into three categories: book publishing (paper media publishing), educational publishing (textbooks and educational material publishing) and internet/mobile digital publishing and production. When taken as a whole, publishing sales stood at 4.0078 trillion won in 2010 and rose 8.2 percent to 4.3388 trillion won in 2017, showing an average growth of 1.1 percent each year in between. A characteristic of South Korea's publishing market is that educational content accounts for a huge piece of it. From 2010 to 2017, educational publishing has seen an..

  • 2019.12.09
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South Korea's April Bestsellers


Sales of essays that comfort and heal surge A book of sayings by Winnie the Pooh called <Pooh Bear, Happiness Happens Every Day> has risen to first place on the bestseller list, driven by popularity from female readers. This book has also morphed into a publication to be 'seen' in addition to being read as readers have been sharing photos of the book cover on social media. With the sudden spike in the popularity of Winnie the Pooh, essays that focus on comforting and healing readers have also come into focus by readers. Expectations are high other essay collections that use animation..

  • 2018.05.30
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2017 Bookstore Day


Every Nov. 11 is Bookstore Day In 2016, the Korea Federation of Bookstore Association designated Nov. 11 as 'Bookstore Day' as the Chinese character for 'book' resembles books standing in a bookcase. South Korea's culture ministry decided to start providing support for this annual 'holiday' starting this year, hosting regional events to mark the day and holding other festivities to boost recognition of bookstores and those who are in the industry - including bookstores that are not in major cities. At the main event marking the holiday, awards were handed out including one gi..

  • 2017.12.01
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Independent Publishing


Recently in South Korea, independent bookstores are gaining increasingly more attention, especially among younger Koreans. As a testament to this, the number of independent bookstores has been on the rise after being pushed to the brink of extinction by large bookstores, online booksellers and a general decline in the number of book readers. At an event not too long ago where 20 independent bookstores introduced and sold books at Seoul's international book fair, many visitors came to see what it was all about. This section takes a look at the reasons behind this recent trend. 1...

  • 2017.07.28
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Social media, or word-of-mouth marketing a must-have for one-person publishing companies

Knowledge > Publishing Industry

The publishing industry has turned downward as smartphones provide increasingly more means of entertainment, but on the other hand, there are those in the industry who are rejoicing thanks to the boons social media and mobile marketing have brought them. These would be one-person publishing companies, often referred to as the startups of the publishing industry. According to KPIPA, one-person publishers are small publishing companies that employ four or fewer workers. Usually at these establishments, the head of the company is in charge of planning, reach out efforts to authors, manuscript ..

  • 2019.09.09
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Wookwan Sunim

Interview > Korean Authors

'Where did this food come from?' Temple food refers to food cooked to capture the original taste from ingredients usually grown in Buddhist temples or found in nature. Temple food is special even in South Korea. To meet temple food is to go beyond the act of eating and think about where the ingredients came from and how the food was made. It is to realize the preciousness of food. Right now, when so many people have much interest in the preservation of humankind and protecting nature, Korean temple food is finding its place as a cultural element as it opens up a new view into food. Wookwa..

  • 2019.09.09
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South Korea's November Bestsellers


The Nobel Prize in Literature 2017 The first week of October is always called the season of the Nobel prize. Every year around this time, the Nobel prize committee convenes in Sweden to announce the winners in six different categories. This year on Oct. 5, the 117th Nobel Prize in Literature was given to Kazuo Ishiguro. According to Interpark Books, Ishiguro's <The Remains of the Day>, one of his most famous novels, reached the top of their bestseller list the next day as soon as readers heard of the Nobel Prize news. Sales of the author's books in general soared in the days following the ..

  • 2017.11.01
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South Korea's September Bestsellers


An analysis into the popularity behind South Korea's bestsellers From the final week of August through the first week of September For the Ji-youngs inside all of us <Ji-young Born in '82> When this book was published in October last year, it did not gain big interest, but word of mouth from April this year helped it climb the bestseller list. Sales of the book jumped especially after Aug. 27 when local broadcaster SBS aired a special on the book called <Ji-young Kim Born in '82 -- The Story of Half of the World>. This book is one most people in our everyday world can relate to. I..

  • 2017.09.11
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