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2nd Week, July

Information > Best Sellers

There is one book that ranked first among bestsellers of the four major online bookstores in Korea in the second week of July 2020. It is <Reboot>, written by a famous instructor Kim Mi-Kyung who is currently running a Youtube channel “Kim Mi-Kyung TV” with 1.1 million subscribers. With the subtitle “How to stand up and reboot again against COVID-19,” the book provides bountiful insight on the life, work, and growth of individuals in the post-COVID-19 era. Even though it has only been a short time since its publication, readers are already sending much love and support through comments, makin..

  • 2020.08.03
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3rd Week, June

Information > Best Sellers

June is the perfect season to read books in a warm breezy room. Scorching hot summer seems to have arrived in Korea. What did Korean readers read in the third week of June? There is a book that hit the upper sales rank among bestsellers in June only within a month of its publication. It is the newly announced <Take It Easy, Don’t Try Too Hard> written by Kim Soo-Hyun, the writer of <I Decided to Live as Me (Woods of Mind’s Books)>. Telling its readers how to engage in relationships that do not overwhelm one’s emotional capacity, the book has drawn support from the young generation in a shor..

  • 2020.07.13
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3rd Week, May

Information > Best Sellers

If we look at the bestsellers of four major online bookstores in Korea for the third week of May, books written by Youtubers will catch our attention. <New Yorker This Month> that hit the top list the day after its publication is about the episodes which Hong Se-Rim - a Youtuber with 600K subscribers (channel name: Serim’s Life) - experienced when she was living in New York for a month. Also, <COVID-19: Investment War> written by three Youtubers of an economy channel “the Three Professionals TV” talks about their opinion on the changing economic landscape after the outbreak of COVID-19. Thi..

  • 2020.06.01
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2nd Week, April

Information > Best Sellers

In the second week of April 2020, Korea welcomed another year of warm spring, but social distancing was ongoing due to COVID-19. People refrain from going out and are staying longer at home; amidst such situation, the number ten integrated best seller <Lower-body Balance Stretching> catches our eyes. Published in March last year, this book introduces simple stretching movements that readers can easily follow indoors. It seems that Korean readers are reading books related to health and exercise tips that they can follow at home, as outdoor activities and workouts are limited. Along with this ..

  • 2020.05.04
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2nd Week, March

Information > Best Sellers

Due to the globally threatening virus COVID-19, Korea is campaigning for “Social Distancing.” Kindergartens and schools are postponing the new semester, and office workers are refraining from going outside, working at home, having a time-out moment from their busy lives. What books are Korean readers reading while overcoming the tough situation today? The top best seller for the 2nd week of March in the four major bookstores in Korea was <The Plague>, a famous novel written by a French author Albert Camus. This book became a hot issue again after having been introduced in a TV program “Boo..

  • 2020.04.06
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3rd Week, February

Information > Best Sellers

If you look at the list of best sellers for the third week of February this year in major Korean online bookstores, you will be able to find books in various fields such as essay, economics and business administration, scenario, exam, and liberal arts filling the top ranks. We introduce you to some of the key books among the best sellers mixed with newly added books and those that have been maintaining their position on the list for a long time. The thing that draws attention from the list of best sellers for the third week of February is the movies meeting the books. The scenario and sto..

  • 2020.03.02
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3rd Week, January 2020

Information > Best Sellers

What were the best selling books in the first month of 2020? The top 10 best sellers in the four online bookstores are as follows: “The Intellectual Devotional” and “Broad and Shallow Knowledge for Intellectual Conversation: Zero” in liberal arts, “Eight” in self-development, “Find Your Own Happiness” in essay, and “Trend Korea 2020” in economics and business administration, which reflect the minds of readers that are preparing for a meaningful new year. Entering winter vacation, books for children readers such as “Hunhan Nammae 3”, “Seol Min-Seok’s World History Adventure 4”, and “Butt De..

  • 2020.02.03
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South Korean bestsellers in November

Information > Best Sellers

The bestseller lists for the third week of November from South Korea's biggest online bookstores Kyobo Book Centre and Interpark were nearly identical, showing a clear trend in reader demand as the year-end wanes closer. In addition to <Trend Korea 2020> which topped both lists last month, books like <8>, <The Longevity Paradox> and <Ji-young Kim, Born in '82> were popular at both bookstores, showing South Korean readers were into a number of subjects in November like economics/management, self-development, health and novels and not just focused on one category. However, if one category h..

  • 2019.12.09
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Books recommended by bookstore MDs and librarians

Trend > Special Project

Bookstore MDs, or merchandisers, and librarians are links between books and readers. They are a bridge between publishers that create books and readers of books. Some people are closer to books and readers than others. These would be bookstore MDs and librarians. Bookstore MDs read dozens of books a week and decide what values the books hold after going through press releases from publishers, prefaces and tables of content. MD is an abbreviation for merchandiser, and they are responsible for selling books to readers by deciding what order books are to be displayed and what that..

  • 2019.10.07
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South Korea's Major Online Bookstores


Online bookstores account for 30 percent of South Korea's total book distribution and sales. The largest bookstore companies of this kind include YES24, Aladin, Interpark and Kyobo Book Centre, which has a large offline base. They are the 'Big 4' and when including offline sales, Kyobo dominates, but when talking about just online book sales, YES24 is the current leader. After ‘’ emerged in the United States in 1995, global online book sales surged sharply and in South Korea, the first online bookstore appeared in 1997. Shortly after in the early 2000s, several more online..

  • 2017.12.01
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South Korea's publishing market and distribution structure

Knowledge > Publishing Policy

South Korea's publishing market can be divided into three categories: book publishing (paper media publishing), educational publishing (textbooks and educational material publishing) and internet/mobile digital publishing and production. When taken as a whole, publishing sales stood at 4.0078 trillion won in 2010 and rose 8.2 percent to 4.3388 trillion won in 2017, showing an average growth of 1.1 percent each year in between. A characteristic of South Korea's publishing market is that educational content accounts for a huge piece of it. From 2010 to 2017, educational publishing has seen an..

  • 2019.12.09
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South Korean bestsellers in September

Information > Best Sellers

Comparing online bestsellers at South Korea's Interpark and Kyobo Book Centre in the second week of September shows the same books have mostly been included on their top-selling lists. Books including <Normal Siblings 1, 2>, <One Day I Became a Princess (luxury limited edition)> and <You Can Fix Your Brain> were all among the top 10 bestselling books in September, showing how popular they were. Among the bestsellers at Interpark and Kyobo Book Centre, Kim Young-ha's <Why Travel> drew intrigue. <Why Travel> is now marking its fifth month after release and despite this, it was the fifth best..

  • 2019.10.07
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Export Prospects of Korean Books


<Operate the Chefbot of Hamburger Castle> 1. Publication Details Imprint | Hanbit Media Title | Operate the Chefbot of Hamburger Castle Author | Kyungsun Yoo Illustrator | Misun Kim Format | 183*235 Binding | Paperback Pages | 76 pages ISBN | 978-89-684-8870-2 2. Contact Name | Seungmo Cho Phone | +82-2-2128-8748 Email | URL | 3. Marketing Information Issued Copies / Bestselling Ranking | 5,000 copies Subject | Fairy Tale for Children Target Readership | Ages 7-10 Media Review and Advertisem..

  • 2018.06.28
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10 Keywords: South Korea's publishing industry in 2017 at a glance


Candlelight Revolution The book "Candlelight Revolution" with the subtitle "Winter of 2016, Spring of 2017 - History Written by Light" is a collection of 484 photographs categorized into 45 themes that captures seven key events that led to the impeachment of now-former South Korean president Park Geun-hye in May this year. It is a striking but touching panorama of images bringing together the wishes of the 17 million people who asked, "Is this a country?" while holding candlelight vigils to bring down Park’s administration. Park, accused of graft and improper usage of p..

  • 2017.12.01
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South Korea's November Bestsellers


The Nobel Prize in Literature 2017 The first week of October is always called the season of the Nobel prize. Every year around this time, the Nobel prize committee convenes in Sweden to announce the winners in six different categories. This year on Oct. 5, the 117th Nobel Prize in Literature was given to Kazuo Ishiguro. According to Interpark Books, Ishiguro's <The Remains of the Day>, one of his most famous novels, reached the top of their bestseller list the next day as soon as readers heard of the Nobel Prize news. Sales of the author's books in general soared in the days following the ..

  • 2017.11.01
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South Korea's September Bestsellers


An analysis into the popularity behind South Korea's bestsellers From the final week of August through the first week of September For the Ji-youngs inside all of us <Ji-young Born in '82> When this book was published in October last year, it did not gain big interest, but word of mouth from April this year helped it climb the bestseller list. Sales of the book jumped especially after Aug. 27 when local broadcaster SBS aired a special on the book called <Ji-young Kim Born in '82 -- The Story of Half of the World>. This book is one most people in our everyday world can relate to. I..

  • 2017.09.11
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Sales of key South Korean bookstores

Knowledge > Publishing Industry Ⅰ

Today in many countries, online bookstores are a solid part of their publishing distribution networks. Up until the early 1990s, only physical bookstores of varying scale existed and readers' selection of books was based on book displays and how accessible the stores were. However, following the emergence of Amazon in 1995, online bookstores have solidified their position as key sales channels of the publishing industry in countries around the world. That change markedly took place in South Korea compared to other countries. After online bookstores first emerged in South Korea in 1..

  • 2019.07.08
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South Korean Bestsellers in July

Information > Best Sellers

Itching to know what books sold the most in South Korea in July? Below is a comparison of the top 10 bestselling books at South Korea's biggest online bookstores Kyobo Book Centre and Interpark as of the third week of July. With the exception of some small differences, the two bookstores saw the same books take up spots from 1 to 6. However, for the rest of the bestsellers, Kyobo saw liberal arts books and novels take up the remainder of its list while Interpark's list included self-help books and books for children. Kim Young-ha's <Why Travel>, which topped the bestseller lists at both ve..

  • 2019.08.05
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