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Current status of each field in the Korean publishing market

Knowledge > Publishing Industry

There is a wide variety of practical books that provide tips for diverse fields necessary in our daily life. So, this part divides the section into two: practical books for making homes and living a good social life. The former type mainly includes areas important at home such as raising children, cooking, keeping fit, and hobbies, while the latter type includes language books and traveling guides that are needed in living a social life. Books that feature tips for maintaining a good social relationship and those for expanding financial property can belong to the latter part as economic..

  • 2020.08.03
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<In a World Gone Wrong, I Try to Live Right> 1. Publication Details Title | In a World Gone Wrong, I Try to Live Right Subtitle | Life Stories Told by Women with Strong Hearts Author | Ecofem Publisher | BookSense Publication Date | 2019-03-31 ISBN | 9788993746495 No. of pages | 280 Dimensions | 128*188 2. Copyright Contact Name | Hong Yeji Email | Phone | +82-10-9935-4759 3. Book Intro Simply looking at some people’s lives gives us courage to readjust our life directions. “Harmonizer,” an activist from Ecofeminists United, who needed en..

  • 2020.07.13
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Current status of each field in the Korean publishing market

Knowledge > Publishing Industry

Self-development books in Korea are referred to as those related to the know-how on social relationships, success, skill cultivation, and educational tips. Put in other words, they are like guide books to live a better life. Among general books published for adult readers, self-development books are regarded as the low-level genre for practical books. As they are not specified to a particular genre, some books of this kind are put on the boundary between different fields or have several genres mixed in them. The reason readers choose to read self-development books is to pull themselves ..

  • 2020.07.13
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2020 Online Meetings with Indonesian Publishers

Information > Info

Photos from the “I Love Korea, I Love K-Book 2018” The Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea (KPIPA) was planning to host the “I Love Korea, I Love K-Book 2020” in Jakarta, Indonesia, which was picked as one of the major markets for Korean publishers. However, as border measures were strengthened across the world due to COVID-19, the planned offline meeting was changed to a video conference. This is the first time for the book fair to be conducted online. Major Indonesian publishers, including Kompas Gramedia Group and Mizan Group, are set t..

  • 2020.06.01
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Current status of each field in the Korean publishing market

Knowledge > Publishing Industry

Science &amp; technology publication is one of the major pillars of a generation. It is because, for readers who have to adapt to the rapidly changing environment and seek survival strategies amidst the advent of the fourth industrial generation, those books are essential. Now a perception that science is only reserved for scientists and technology is something to do with robots is no longer acceptable. We need knowledge that can help us make decisions by ourselves in this changing world. We need knowledge that we can actively make use of. Therefore, books that professionals wrote in an..

  • 2020.06.01
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Korea’s Diverse Children’s Literature Awards

Trend > Special Project

As children are referred to as the “future” of a generation, the emotional experience children get from books is very important. The Caldecott Medal, Newbery Medal, and Hans Christian Andersen Award are the most famous children’s literary awards in the world, but there are also ones given to excellent children’s literature in Korea as well. In particular, as Children’s Day is in May, the winners of many children’s literary awards are announced this month. While there are various children’s literary awards ranging from those named after famous literary people in history to those held ..

  • 2020.05.04
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Current status of each field in the Korean publishing market

Knowledge > Publishing Industry

The 1980s were the golden age for social science publications in the Korean publishing industry. Under the ruling of the new military dictatorship, it was social science books and their readers that took the lead in the overall social transformation through intense democratic and labor movements. The books were the texts of social movement and transformation. Bookstores specialized in social science books, though most of them cannot be found today, thrived next to colleges across the nation. With the “announcement of democratization” in 1987, Seoul Olympics in 1988, and the establishm..

  • 2020.05.04
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Korean Non-Fiction in the Southeast Asian Publishing Market

Trend > Export Case

Centering around English-speaking countries including the Americas and Europe, public interest in Korean literature is steadily growing; meanwhile, Korean non-fiction books such as self-development and health-related books are drawing relatively positive responses in the Southeast Asian publishing market that is taking root as a major market for Korean publishing culture and contents. : Korean and English" src="/download/img/vol20/3_02.jpg"> Covers of <Blonote>: Korean and English Since the book <Blonote (Tablo, Dal Publishers)> wrote by the Korean singer Tablo was publishe..

  • 2020.03.02
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Illustrator Kim Hwan-Young

Interview > Korean Authors

Illustrator Kim Hwan-Young has captured readers' hearts with his beautiful work in children's tales like <Paper Rice (naznsan)>, <The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly (Sakyejul)> and <The Children Who Swallowed the Sun (Changbi)>, as well as picture books including <The Butterfly Catching Father (Gilbut Children)>, <Corn (Sakyejul)> and <Bbaeddaegi (Changbi)>. His illustrations are known for their powerful brush strokes that can seem crude and rough at times, while his India-ink painting style conveys Korean emotions. Kim often opens up his atelier to readers, which is nestled inside a small co..

  • 2019.07.08
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Agencies talk actual copyright export cases


It is a well known fact South Korea's copyrights are being exported actively throughout the globe. However, it is difficult to know in detail what books are being sold into which countries and how. This is because the information is directly connected to the business operations of agencies that are involved in intermediating export deals. It is also because so many books are being exported to other countries simultaneously. In our January webzine, we will look at what kinds of content have been exported so far including literature, children's books, practical books, series, comics, webtoons a..

  • 2017.12.22
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2019 Seoul International Book Fair - Arrival

Trend > Topic

From June 19 to 23, the 2019 Seoul International Book Fair (SIBF) was held at Seoul's COEX. Themes for 2017 and 2018 had been 'transformation' and 'expansion' respectively, and this year's book fair had the theme 'arrival'. The theme 'arrival' for SIBF was given in reference to prospects for books to come, and those for the world beyond books. Visitors to the 2019 SIBF were invited to learn about the 'arrival' of South Korea's publishing industry and the country's society beyond their 'transformation' and 'expansion'. Official posters for the 2019 Seoul International Book Fair So..

  • 2019.07.08
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Gilbut Children


Korean publishers are expanding their presence in the offshore publication market. At this time when foreign publishers taking increasing interest, here are two unique Korean publishers we personally visited to hear their diverse stories. “Happy books, warm books, books you want to keep forever and ever.” This has been the publishing philosophy behind Gilbut Children Publishing since it was founded in 1995. Gilbut has been given credit for forging a market for picture books on barren land and today, it publishes a variety of books through which children can understand Korean culture an..

  • 2017.07.28
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2019 South Korea-China Publishing Copyright Exchanges Event

Trend > EVENT

Currently, in 2019, many South Korean publications can be seen throughout the world regardless of genre, including literature, books on hobbies, learning languages and children's books. Thanks to the efforts of many publishing experts and professionals inside and outside the country, South Korean publications have now started to become known overseas. However, exchanges came to a standstill after active engagement for many years with one country. This country was China. After political conflict arose between the two countries over the deployment of an anti-missile system called THAAD in Sou..

  • 2019.12.09
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South Korea's June Bestsellers

Information > Best Sellers

The top two bestselling books in the fourth week of June at South Korea's biggest online bookstores were both essay collections - author Kim Young-ha's <Why Travel (Munhakdongne)> and Tottenham Hotspur footballer Son Heung-min's <Thoughts While Playing Football (Brainstore)>. Kim's <Why Travel> topped the charts thanks to a cover re-design just in time for the summer holidays. The book, released roughly two months ago, has been enjoying steady popularity since. Son's <Thoughts While Playing Football> is thought to have received a boost after Son recently played in several football matches as..

  • 2019.07.08
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