3rd Week, June

Comparison of bestsellers in the four biggest online bookstores in Korea


June is the perfect season to read books in a warm breezy room. Scorching hot summer seems to have arrived in Korea. What did Korean readers read in the third week of June? There is a book that hit the upper sales rank among bestsellers in June only within a month of its publication. It is the newly announced <Take It Easy, Don’t Try Too Hard> written by Kim Soo-Hyun, the writer of <I Decided to Live as Me (Woods of Mind’s Books)>. Telling its readers how to engage in relationships that do not overwhelm one’s emotional capacity, the book has drawn support from the young generation in a short period of time. Another essay among bestsellers is <In Our Daily Language> written by Kim Eana, a famous Korean lyricist. In her book, she softly touches upon the delicate world of emotions embedded in the common words we use in our daily life.
Children’s books are also recording high sales as summer vacation is just around the corner. The new series of <Seol Min-Suk’s Great Adventure in Korean History> and <Hunhan Nammae> always become bestsellers right after their publication, as they are steadily beloved by children readers. In particular, recently published <Seol Min-Suk’s Great Adventure in Korean History 14> drew a warm response from readers immediately after the pre-sale opened. On the other hand, the marketing efforts of the publisher helped <Hunhan Nammae 5> to gain popularity as well, as it ran many events such as providing giveaways marking the first anniversary of the initial publication of the series.
Novels must not be missed, too. The <La Boite de Pandore> series by Bernard Werber has been one of the top 10 bestsellers since its initial publication, proving the influence of the star writer once again. Also, <From the Eyes of> by Chung Se-Rang, who has spent five whole years finishing the book, carries out the story from the viewpoint of female characters, topping the bestsellers’ list as soon as it was published. Meanwhile, the genre novel series <Children of the Rune> is one of the representative fantasy novels in Korea selling a whopping 1.6 million copies in Korea only, while making its way into the Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai, and Chinese markets. Appraised as the “most beloved fantasy in Asia,” the revised series of <Children of the Rune> is available in a full set (9 books in total), receiving tremendous love from fantasy-lovers.

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* The rank of bestsellers below was organized after integrating domestic bestsellers in the third week of June from the four biggest online bookstores in Korea - Kyobo Bookstore, Aladdin, Yes 24, and Interpark.


Best sellers



The Having
Author | Lee Seo-Yun, Hong Joo-Yeon
Publisher | Suo Books
Genre | Self-development



Take It Easy, Don’t Try Too Hard
Author | Kim Soo-Hyun
Publisher | Noll (Dasanbooks)
Genre | Essay



The Property of Money
Author | Kim Seung-Ho
Publisher | Snowfox Books
Genre | Economics & Business Administration



In Our Daily Language (Hard Cover)
Author | Kim Eana
Publisher | Wisdom House
Genre | Essay



La Boite de Pandore 1 (Hard Cover)
Author | Bernard Werber
Publisher | The Open Books
Genre | Novel



Children of the Rune (Full Demonic Set)
Author | Jeon Min-Hee
Publisher | Elixir
Genre | Genre Novel



Let My People Go Surfing
Author | Yvon Chouinard
Publisher | Writing House
Genre | Economics & Business Administration



Seol Min-Suk’s Great Adventure in Korean History 14
Author | Seol Min-Suk, StoryBox
Publisher | Human
Genre | Children



From the Eyes of
Author | Chung Se-Rang
Publisher | Munhakdongne
Genre | Novel



Hunhan Nammae 5
Author | Hunhan Namme, Paek Nan-Do
Publisher | i-seum
Genre | Kids Comics




Written by Choi Ha-Yeong


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